Nova versão feita pela comunidade deste compartilhador de arquivos.

This is a maintenance release.
A number of issues found since the release of version 0.60a were fixed:

  • incorrectly disabled Preview item in context menu of downloads list
  • memory leak in storing searches routine
  • regression in frame grabber
  • AICH tag publishing
  • display of file rating in Comments (build 2)
  • crash on bad regular expression (build 2)
  • regression in PartFileConvert GUI (build 3)

Available downloads

  • eMule0.60b-Installer.exe - this application will install or update eMule; contains all language DLLs
  • eMule0.60b-Installer64.exe - installer for 64-bit Windows only; contains all language DLLs
  • - "binaries" archive for manual installation; contains only 4 language DLLs
  • - "binaries" archive for 64-bit Windows only; contains only 4 language DLLs
  • - source code for developers.