-- 1.29.0: --

January 12, 2022:
PCE, PCE-Fast: Initialize VCE color table memory at power-on to roughly(without probabilistic bit randomness) match test results from a
PC Engine Duo instead of just zeroing it; fixes unreadable letters in the password entry screen of "Order of the Griffon".

Added test for potential splatting-related bug in qemu's PPC64 VSX "xscvdpsp" instruction emulation that messes up OwlResampler when compiled with gcc.

January 11, 2022:
PCE: Added patch in the "notes" subdir for extending the upper range of the "pce.slend" setting to 241(not applied in Mednafen due to increasing
the probability of an extra 8ms of input lag with some games).

January 9, 2022:
VB: Fixed a couple inaccuracies in the VSU modulation emulation, fixing a few sound effects in "Virtual Boy Wario Land".

January 7, 2022:
SNES-Faust: Fixed S-DSP pitch modulation being half as strong as it should be.

December 29, 2021:
SNES: Fixed wrong compile-time endian detection on little-endian PPC64.

December 24, 2021:
PCE: Fixed incomplete initialization of the VDC BG tile cache; fixes glitches after the boss explodes in "R-Type" under certain
conditions(more likely to occur in forks of Mednafen).

December 20, 2021:
NES: Added missing mapper 90 variables to save states.

December 5, 2021:
Placing a "%d" or "%b" specifier at the beginning of a filesys.fname_* setting format string will now cause the generated path to be used as-is, rather
than potentially being prefixed with the corresponding filesys.path_* setting or the Mednafen base directory. Fixes a regression introduced in
1.28.0-UNSTABLE that caused IPS patch files to be loaded from the wrong location when the user had loaded a game via a relative path.

November 29, 2021:
Added support for playing the SCSP-generated music from most Sega Model 2A, 2B, 2C, and 3 games, via the new experimental "sasplay" module.

November 15, 2021:
SNES: Fixed compilation error for little-endian PPC64 with LTO enabled.

Fixed compilation error after running configure with --disable-fancy-scalers.