The big focus of this one is the fix around the cps2 driver for the win64 binary, but since these are some bugs which can affect all the versions even if it's less obvious for the others, everyone should update. See the forum thread for the gory details about this bug.

Except that :

- added some rnd() function to the console to get some random number, help included, I also added some help for the basic peek/dpeek/lpeek functions.

- New GUI options : "background animation" to eventually stop the background animation for those who suffer from motion sickness, and "Autostart drivers", essentially for me, when I don't want the driver to start in the background as soon as it's loaded.

- some minor text changes "Action Replay cheats" -> "Game cheats".

Oh yeah there is an optional update for the dlls, I removed 4 dlls from the big list by tweaking the build settings for freetype, these are not the biggest ones, but they sure were useless in windows, so it's a little better. You can keep the old version, the update doesn't bring anything except removing these 4 dlls, and I should probably rename the dlls to some other package because I am bound to have some incompatibilities with old versions, but it will be for next time... !
And I finally used a script to update the windows binaries to avoid the kind of mistake of last time !