A new release of mGBA, version 0.10.1 is available. This version is a bugfix release, which contains several important fixes. This release took a lot longer than expected, but hopefully it’ll be free of new bugs as a result. An extensive list of changes follows after the cut.

Emulation fixes:

GB Audio: Fix channels 1/2 not playing when resetting volume (fixes #2614)
GB Audio: Fix channel 3 volume being changed between samples (fixes #1896)
GB Audio: Fix up boot sequence
GB Audio: Fix updating channels other than 2 when writing NR5x
GB Memory: Actually, HDMAs should start when LCD is off (fixes #2662)
GB Serialize: Don’t write BGP/OBP when loading SCGB state (fixes #2694)
GB SIO: Further fix bidirectional transfer starting
GBA: Fix resetting key IRQ state (fixes #2716)
GBA BIOS: Include timing in degenerate ArcTan2 cases (fixes #2763)
GBA Video: Ignore disabled backgrounds as OBJ blend target (fixes #2489)

Other fixes:

GBA: Fix forceskip BIOS logic for multiboot ROMs (fixes #2753)
GBA Cheats: Fix issues detecting unencrypted cheats (fixes #2724)
Qt: Manually split filename to avoid overzealous splitting (fixes #2681)
Qt: Fix scanning specific e-Reader dotcodes (fixes #2693)
Qt: Don’t re-enable sync if GBA link modes aren’t the same (fixes #2044)
Qt: Improve handling of multiplayer syncing (fixes #2720)
Qt: Fix initializing update revision info
Qt: Redo stable branch detection heuristic (fixes #2679)
Res: Fix species name location in Ruby/Sapphire revs 1/2 (fixes #2685)
VFS: Fix minizip write returning 0 on success instead of size


macOS: Add category to plist (closes #2691)
macOS: Fix modern build with libepoxy (fixes #2700)
Qt: Keep track of current palette preset name (fixes #2680)
Qt: Move OpenGL proxy onto its own thread (fixes #2493)

Get it now in the Downloads section. Binaries are available for Windows, Ubuntu, other Linux distros (via AppImage), macOS, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Wii, and PlayStation Vita, and the source code is available for all other platforms.