Flycast Dojo

Peer-to-peer Netplay for Dreamcast / NAOMI / Atomiswave

Flycast Dojo 0.5.9 Release Notes

Fix Offline Replays

Upstream Changes

AICA: Get rid of audio sample batching (fixes reported sound glitches) (@flyinghead)
Widescren cheatcode for Virtua Fighter 3tb (courtesy of goddamn superhero)
Emulation thread race condition fix (@flyinghead)
PVR: Add more rendering cycles for MvC2 (@flyinghead)
Atomiswave AICA RAM fix (@flyinghead)
Vulkan: Don't sort triangles in per-strip mode (@flyinghead)
VMEM: No more 4GB mode, only map elan RAM in NAOMI 2 mode (@flyinghead)
GGPO: Don't call exit on assert, clean up logging (@flyinghead)
GDB fixes & improvements (Matt Phillips)
Update glslang, Vulkan, & SDL (@scribam)
Widescreen chat for Fire ProWrestling (courtesy of Esppiral)
DX9: recover after screen lock (@flyinghead)
Holly: Log invalid pvr register access size, but don't crash (@flyinghead)
UI & GDROM: Fix race condition when network times out while pressing start (@flyinghead)
DX: Don't resize main framebuffer when rendering to texture (@flyinghead)
Windows: Convert command line arguments to UTF8 (@flyinghead)
SDL Audio: Convert from 44.1 to 48 kHz, fix crash on decreasing buffer size (@flyinghead)
Fix THPS 1 & 2 PAL Disc IDs (@flyinghead)
Widescreen cheat for Biohazard: Code Veronica Kanzenban (JP) (@flyinghead)