2.7.0 "The Real Slim Shader" (2023-02-26)

New games:

Added support for Soldier Boyz.
Added support for C64 and ZX Spectrum versions of GLK Scott Adams Interactive Fiction games.
Added support for GLK Scott Adams adventures 1-12 in the TI99/4A format.
Added support for Obsidian.
Added support for Pink Panther: Passport to Peril.
Added support for Pink Panther: Hokus Pokus Pink.
Added support for Adibou 2 "Environment", "Read/Count 4 & 5" and "Read/Count 6 & 7".
Added support for Driller/Space Station Oblivion (DOS/EGA/CGA, Amiga, AtariST, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC versions).
Added support for Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure II.
Added support for Chop Suey, Eastern Mind, and 16 other Director 3 and Director 4 titles.

New platforms:

Added support for the RetroMini RS90 under OpenDingux beta.
Added support for the 1st generation Miyoo (New BittBoy, Pocket Go and PowKiddy Q90-V90-Q20) under TriForceX MiyooCFW.
Added support for the Miyoo Mini.
Added support for KolibriOS.


Reduced amount of false positives in Mass Add.
Updated the Roland MT-32 emulation code to Munt mt32emu 2.7.0.
Added support for shader-based scalers.
Added option for mono sound output (via --output-channels=CHANNELS command line option).
Improved cursor scaling in OpenGL mode.
Fix crash when browsing folders containing files with \1 in the names.
Added possibility to specify RNG seed via GUI or command line option.
Added possibility to run ScummVM in autodetection mode by renaming the executable starting with 'scummvm-auto' or by providing an empty file named 'scummvm-autorun' next to the ScummVM executable.
Added possibility to supply command line parameters which will be picked up automatically. Put them one per line in a file named 'scummvm-autorun'.
Added possibility to customize the default settings by specifying an initial configuration file to load if no configuration file exists in the usual location (via --initial-cfg=FILE or -i command line option).
Added support for loading game resources which are bigger than 2GB on more platforms.


Improved support for French translations.


Added option to disable the fade-out effects on room transition for Simon1 and 2.


Added support for the original installer files for Maniac Mansion Deluxe and The New Adventures of Zak McKracken.


Support for Pippin version of L-Zone.
Fix a bug caused by use of slash in filename.


Support playing from the original installer floppies.


Added support for a 1997 release.


Added support for the Korean version of Legend of Kyrandia 1.
Support multi-floppy mac kyra1 both as installer floppies and as installed directory.
Added support for the Hebrew version of Legend of Kyrandia 3.


Added support for original floppy installer file layout for Rex Nebular.


Added support for Japanese version of Neverhood.
Support localizations by -=CHE@TER=- & Rigel.


Fixed crash with windows version.


Allow playing mac version directly from installer CD.
Added support for Japanese/Mac version


Added option for using a better font in Hebrew version.


Added support for Chinese Inherit the Earth.
Added support for Chinese I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream.
Added support for Korean I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream.
Added support for playing directly from floppy installer for ITE.
Support for Amiga (AGA/ECS, Retail/Demo, English/German) Inherit the Earth.


Improved text rendering for Macintosh titles.
Added support for Casio MT-540, CT-460 and CSM-1 MIDI devices for the SCI0 games that originally supported it.


Added support for CGA, CGA Composite, CGA black & white and Hercules modes for SCUMM 1 versions of Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion.
Improved accuracy of CGA and Hercules modes for SCUMM 2 (enhanced) versions of Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion.
Improved accuracy of CGA and Hercules modes for Monkey Island 1 (EGA version only - the VGA version does not have CGA and Hercules modes).
Fixed some minor glitches for the CGA mode of Loom.
Added EGA dithering mode for VGA versions of Loom, Monkey Island 1 and 2 and Indiana Jones 4.
Fixed a possible dead-end in the Ultimate Talkie Edition of Monkey Island 2, if one doesn't pick up a required item before Captain Dread brings Guybrush back to Scabb Island, at the end of Part II.
Fixed various original game bugs, oversights and continuity errors (only when using the "Enable game-specific enhancements" setting).
Improved the decoding of some Western European game strings when they're displayed through ScummVM's interface, such as when pausing a game.
Fixed the navigator head not pointing to some directions in Monkey Island 1, in the original releases without the enhanced verb interface.
Fixed slightly inaccurate text position in v4 games and in Loom v3.
For Sam & Max, it is now possible to shoot down the text lines of the final credits with the crosshair mouse cursor, just like in the original.
Fixed lipsync issues in the final scene of Freddi Fish 4.
Fixed The Dig and COMI loading cursors not being shown when they should.
Improved the accuracy of some audio drivers, which was notably impacting the pitch bending effect in the DOTT intro music.
In COMI, only let Guybrush read the clock of Puerto Pollo in the English, Italian and (fan-made) Russian versions of the game, matching the behavior of the original interpreters (probably because of the poor results in the other languages).
Improved support for Hebrew HE game localizations.
Fixed Roland MT-32 support in Sam & Max.
Implemented original GUI and save menus for LucasArts games (DOS, Windows, Amiga, Macintosh, FM-Towns, SegaCD, Atari ST, NES and Commodore 64 versions). Also activate the general "Ask for confirmation on exit" option for a more authentic '90s experience!
Fixed minor timing issues for the SMUSH video engine, mostly affecting Full Throttle.
Added a low latency audio mode to Full Throttle, The Dig and The Curse of Monkey Island; this can improve audio performance expecially in non-desktop devices, but it is also a little less accurate than the original.
Implemented reloading CD audio for Monkey Island 1 and Loom (CD versions), when reloading a save state.


Added support for Chinese Rose Tattoo.


Added support for Chinese Beneath a Steel Sky.


Support Novy Disk Russian translation.
Fixed launching various demos.
Switched detection to md5-based. Submit your unrecognized versions!


Switched detection to md5-based. Submit your unrecognized versions!


Fixed Discworld II subtitle colors on big-endian ports.


Made game menus behave like in the original.


Fixed rendering issue with doors.
Fixed invalid music pause in behaviour and inventory menu.
Fixed giving kashes instead of hearts as fallback.
Fixed item flashing when they drop.
Fixed meca penguin angle at spawn.
Fixed background redraw when watching cutscenes at the television.
Fixed recenter the screen on activating an inventory item.
Fixed pressing W to talk to people also makes you jump.


Added support for saving and resizing of minimap.
Adjust cursor to behave closer to the original.
Adjust item quantity slider to behave closer to the original.


Several crash fixes for Clouds of Xeen.
Wait until farewell finishes before leaving shops.
Don't reload map after leaving character creation.
Implement correct clouds falling logic for Swords of Xeen.
Fix GateMaster monster in Underworld map.

3DS port:

Update relocation parser to support PREL31 that are emitted by new compiler.
Do more autoconfiguration in ./configure.

Android port:

Added Storage Access Framework support.
Improved support for game controllers.

iOS port:

Added pointer device support.
Improved support for touchpad mode.
Added support for games that use 32 bit pixel formats.

Nintendo DS port:

Added a splash screen to the top screen when the launcher is active.

OpenDingux port:

Added support for dynamic plugins.

PS Vita port:

Added support for dynamic plugins.

PSP port:

Improved support for games that use 32 bit pixel formats.

RISC OS port:

Added support for 26-bit versions of RISC OS.