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    NanoBoyAdvance 1.7.1

    Please backup your save files before updating to be safe.


    PPU: disallow out-of-bounds BG VRAM tile fetches and return open bus (fixes #298)
    Core: do not skip to the next event if the CPU woke up during a DMA (fixes #297)
    KeyPad: always request IRQs from the emulator (not the calling) thread (fixes #290)
    GameDB: fix entries for a bunch of Classic NES and Famicom Mini titles (fixes #302)
    IO: do not enter STOP mode when it is not implemented
    mGBA log: clear the message buffer after printing the message
    mGBA log: flush STDOUT after each message
    Catch fmt::system_error when fmt:rint() fails to write to STDOUT (fixes #301)


    UI: implement a 'Use integer scaling' option
    UI: allow limiting the screen scale
    UI: allow accessing the menu during fullscreen gameplay
    UI: allow setting a custom save folder
    Core: implement save compatibility with mGBA 0.10.0+
    Core: implement basic support for the mGBA logging interface
    PPU: rewrite the PPU to be mostly cycle-accurate (fixes #241, #230, #229, #208, #141)
    PPU: implement the GREENSWAP register
    PPU: use the 6-th green channel bit during blending
    PPU: round the blending result to the nearest integer
    ARM: fix a minor timing oversight in ARM mode
    ARM: SWP and SWPB should lock the bus (no DMA interleave is possible)
    Bus: allow the CPU to execute idle cycles in parallel to DMA
    Bus: more accurately emulate disabling the prefetch buffer
    Bus: force the first CPU access after a DMA to be non-sequential
    Bus: implement penalty for ROM code access during the last ROM prefetch cycle (fixes #203)
    IRQ: delay IO writes by one cycle
    IRQ: delay update of the IE&IF condition for unhalting the CPU
    SIO: implement basic serial transfer timing (fixes #282)
    APU: emulate the master enable bit
    APU: cancel a potentially pending event whan starting a channel (fixes #278)
    Scheduler: allow for (de)serialization of events for save states


    On Linux make sure SDL2, GLEW and Qt5 are installed
    Core i7 3770 3.4 Ghz - 16 GB RAM - Win10 x64 - Intel HD Graphics 4000

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    Re: NanoBoyAdvance 1.7

    Versão 1.7.1 lançada, changelog no topo.
    Core i7 3770 3.4 Ghz - 16 GB RAM - Win10 x64 - Intel HD Graphics 4000


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