7561ca9 - Fix Discord streaming for OpenGL [danialhorton]
e26f807 - [bios] Fix lz77 and add BIOS_SndDriverVsyncOn [steelskin]
d1f6500 - Refactor accelerator / global shortcuts handling [steelskin]
fda429f - [GBA] Do not draw BG tiles from outside of BG VRAM [steelskin]
5aa3ea9 - Properly initialize wxAcceleratorTable [steelskin]
0e29be8 - Support multiple RAM sizes for MBC7 [steelskin]
75b79d9 - Change MBC7 reported RAM size to 512 bytes [steelskin]
36e88fa - Fix dsound looping when moving/resizing window [rkitover]
019fcda - Sanitize and improve the GB header parsing (#1109) [Steelskin]
7005b92 - Sanitize allocations in the Game Boy emulator (#1105) [Steelskin]
3cef52b - Fix pause/next-frame [rkitover]
d3f8cc1 - Option to suspend the X11 screensaver when running [2306079+multiSnow]
df81959 - builder: update macOS build to 10.10, Wx [rkitover]
1ab46f7 - Update SIOCNT when the link driver is disconnected [steelskin]
1d7e8ae - build: fix build with new OpenAL [rkitover]
a9284b3 - workaround for Stuart Little 2 crashing when set to none [danialhorton]
166299c - Implements Read/Writes for HUC3 [danialhorton]
640ce45 - Change SOUND_CLOCK_TICKS to 280896 cycles - ~1074 samples per frame [reallibretroretroarch]
f1d3f63 - Fix automatic dynamic frame skipping [steelskin]
d756f67 - translations: fix some source strings [stanley.udr.kid]
9187325 - Add INI file versioning [steelskin]
7d9cb2b - Default GBA LCD filter to off. [rkitover]
be1e5ca - Check for wx < 3.2.2 for EGL move fix backport [rkitover]
1fb18b3 - Rename appdata to metainfo [polynomial-c]
ca7ae33 - Fix regression in bios, port DMA fix from libretro [danialhorton]
b34448c - Fix record/play dialogs for native recordings [danialhorton]
6307348 - build: support MSVC arm64 cross build on x86 [rkitover]
87bdc93 - Revert "translations: use %% instead of percent" [rkitover]
ab4ae96 - Clarify/set condition: wayland && !wayland_egl [rkitover]
8e4acfc - Fix build w/wxUSE_GLCANVAS_EGL=0, on Fedora [rkitover]
3c41b68 - Fix the Windows ARM64 build [steelskin]
22578d0 - Increase MAX_CART_SIZE from 32MiB to 128MiB [rkitover]