Hades is still under heavy development but it aims to have a decent balance between usability, speed and accuracy.

Currently, Hades features:

Decent accuracy
Game controller support
Keys and buttons remapping
Quick Saves (also known as Save State)
Real Time Clock (RTC) support
Color correction

It is the third 🥉 software emulator to pass the AGS Aging Cartridge used to test Game Boy Advance systems:


You can download the latest nightly build for your favorite operating system here:


You need a game ROM and a legitimate GameBoy Advance BIOS or a replacement BIOS.

Start Hades, then click on File -> Open BIOS and select the BIOS (bios.bin) you downloaded above.

You can now play all your favorite games! Click on File -> Open and select the ROM (<game>.gba) you want to run.

Alternatively, you can also drag and drop your GBA rom over hades.exe (Windows only).