Acredito que há alguns jogadores de Fallout 2 por aqui que gostariam de saber que os projetos de consertos de bugs/restauração de conteúdo cortado foram atualizados

Restoration Project Version 27


FadeBackgroundMusic sfall option is now disabled by default due to multiple issues with it.
Cassidy's head is no longer silent by default.
Items can be now be stolen and planted onto Goris and Skynet.
Corrected San Francisco and Mariposa positions on worldmap (off-by-1 pixel).
Multiple fixes for doors and containers:
Critical rolls in Perception checks work, allowing to get more or less information about the lock, depending on the result.
On a critical failure using a crowbar, the PC can strain their back, taking some damage, and/or destroy the crowbar.
Lockpick XP rewards are standartized based on lock difficulty.
Crowbar now works more consistently, it's more effective against wooded doors and containers, and has higher chance of being destoyed when used on metal ones.
Fixed Dogmeat sometimes starting to talk like a Hubologist in combat.
Changed Phoenix implant description wording to clairfy they add resistance to all thermal-based attacks.


New option: damage mod fix.
New option: allow to wipe merchant inventories on restock, UP-style.


Added alternative, lower fps animations fixes for Goris de-robing and walking speed of some critters as an installer option.
Added Rocket Launcher Combat Armor Fix by Lexx, fixes the rocket launcher clipping through the backpack of the combat armor.


French: added fonts, frms and splash from French transpack.
Magyar: charset fixed, fonts and graphics assets added.

Broken Hills

Fixed overly long time advances in dialog with Doc Holiday.
Fixed hostility to dude if he happens to be seen outside the jail (through open doors) when warning timers are invoked.


Fixed previously unavailable death slides when dying in Oil Rig.


Fixed Gecko Brain missing floaters when a stupid character tries to talk to him.
Fixed overly long time advances in dialogs with Festus and Lenny.
Fixed reactor ambient becoming a cacophony after a few save/loads.


Fixed spelling in children's floats.


Children will no longer mention Torr.
If PC has the car when escorting Jonny from Ghost Farm, it will be moved from the farm to Modoc properly.
Removed inaccessible rocks in the inn area.
Fixed the stable boy's routine, before he could get stuck if player leaves the inn map then returns. He'd just stand in the same pen not moving anymore, only go back to his room at night but never resume his work.
Jo will now honor the discount he promised on PC's return.


It's no longer possible to get infinite experience via a dialog loop when reporting the hubologist's death to Merk.
Fixed crash when locking slavers' door.
Buster now opens at 8am sharp.
Hoss will no longer terminate PC's combat with NCR police.

New Reno

Fixed Error in Lil' Jesus' dialog.
Fixed gender mixup in fluffer-related floats.
Fixed INT requirement in Bishop's dialog for asking about Carson's health.
Cat's Paw: tweak the position of the girl and bookshelf in the bottom room to align with RP's layout, so she doesn't stand too close to the door (nearly blocks the room, and looks kinda weird).
Fixed bell sounds before each round when boxing in New Reno.

Random encounters

Fixed incomprehensible dialog with random traveler.
Fixed an inaccessible enemy in a mountain cavern.
Killing "evil" merchants now results in karma increase.

San Francisco

Fixed Dr. Wong missing detailed description, and forgetting talking to stupid characters.

Vault City

Curtis' doll can't be stolen anymore.
Barkus and Skeeve will now correctly teleport a smart servant player.
Fixed lockpicks not working on VC supply depot.

Vault 15

Added missing elevation name for V15 Squatters map.

Unofficial Patch Version 27

New animations for Cat Jules, from black dude set.
Fixed improved mysterious stranger causing lag in a random encounter.
Increased lighting in some of the darker areas.


Fixed double reward for killing the small deathclaw.

San Francisco

Fixed stupid characters being unable to return the decomposing body to Dr. Wong.

Vault City

Chief Librarian Kohl will give a pointer to Abbey.

Vault Village

Changed critter placement so one "strong peasant" does not block the desk (contain minor loot) in the "upgraded" village elevations.