v2.2: SystemSP, F355 multiboard, VF.Net

What's New

  • Naomi F355 multiboard
  • Sega SystemSP emulation
  • Virtua Fighter 4 RFID card support. VF.Net emulation server
  • Naomi touchscreen (Manic Panic Ghosts, Touch de Uno 1 & 2, Touch de zunou)
  • Hopper for Kick'4'Cash, Shootout Pool and Club Kart Prize
  • F355 Deluxe and Touch de Uno 1 & 2 printer
  • Sega Driving Simulator
  • Android Scoped Storage
  • SH4 under/overclock option
  • Mushiking series
  • Naomi Alien Front worldwide ranking server
  • NetDIMM 3.7 networking high-level emulation
  • Racing Controller, Fishing Controller, Maracas, Densha de Go controller, Pop'n'Music Controller (@AltoRetrato)
  • Real time Video Routing for streamers (@vkedwardli)
  • SystemSP RFID chip emulation: Dinosaur King, Love & Berry
  • Dreamcast 32 MB RAM option (@cepawiel)

What's Improved

  • Support for Windows CE games on 32-bit x86 arch
  • Hotkeys for Save and Load State
  • Force feedback info netcast to Boomlangnz's FFB plugin: F355, 18 Wheeler, Club Kart, King of Route 66
  • Use a gamepad with arcade lightgun games
  • Per-game VMU A1 option
  • Improved detection of Windows CE games
  • Latin-1 and Asian fonts support in HLE BIOS
  • Video centering support (San Francisco Rush 2049, Street Fighter III - 3rd strike, Metropolis Street Racer)
  • Daytona USA networking
  • Eldorado Gate 4 to 7 compatibility
  • Implement dithering in Full Framebuffer Emulation mode
  • Upgrade dependencies, build improvements, and more thanks to @scribam
  • And many, many, many bug fixes thanks to @kihato and all bug reporters

New Contributors