Minimum requirements:

Operating system (No support for Windows 2000 and below)

Microsoft Windows 7 and up / Microsoft Windows XP for XP Build


Intel or AMD processor with at least SSE2 support


512MB or more

Graphics card

DirectX 8 capable (Jabo's Direct3D8/Icepir8sLegacyLLE)
OpenGL 3.3 capable (Icepir8sLegacyLLE/GLideN64)

Intel integrated graphics can have issues that are not present with Nvidia and AMD GPU's even when the requirements are met.

Project64 Legacy v1.6.4 - [The End] (Mean it this time!) - 2024/06/22

Okay, final push for [The End] of our involvement with Project64 Legacy.

Big thanks to all who assisted in the journey on Discord, and a special thanks to Fanatic 64,
& Derek "Turtle" Roe for keeping us on our toes!



Fix for Icepir8's Legacy RSP Plugin Ver: 0.2.2e support
TLB extra checks for overflow buffer mapping for user TLB entries
Enabled Advance Mode by default
Pause Emulation disabled by default

Icepir8's Legacy RSP Plugin Ver: 0.2.2e

Interpreter Core fix.
Save state loading fix.
Reset without crashing in window & full screen modes.

Icepir8's Legacy LLE Video Plugin (Final) Ver: 0.3.2e

Vsync disabled by default.
Fixed zombie creation in procuress issue.

Azimer's Legacy Audio Plugin (Final) Ver: 0.70.10c

Replaced Windows INI Functions with SimpleINI.
Removed Volume, Driver, DisallowSleep from Rom Specific
Removed validation checks to DS8 to prevent JaboSound issues
CoInit changes in an attempt to bring stability
A Patch to address load state delay
Updated configuration to only save to general section for driver, volume, sleeps.
Also forced defaults and config save when config does not exist.
Fix BOOL to bool