(18+ and up. This game contains strong sexual content. All characters depicted are 18+.)

Current Status: Currently in development.

Getter Graffiti is an endless runner game made for the Lewd Game Jam 2017 hosted by Sephrit, where you play as the graffiti artist Mui trying to avoid the police while coating the town in her own pervy art. If you run into an officer, they'll "restrain" you all you have to struggle free before both them and Mui climax. The original concept demo was made in about a week and a half, and will be receiving updates until it's full release. You can follow development of the game and my other projects here: CountMoxi's blog


Jump ----- Up Arrow

Grind ----- Jump and land on a green line one a house or store

Drop down from grinding ----- Down Arrow

Spray Graffiti --- Press Z, Right Shift, Space, or Q near red objects and billboards

Pause ------ Press E, Forward Slash, or Left Control

Restart Level ----- R

Quit ------ Escape Key

Breakout --- Mash the arrow keys when grabbed by an enemy

Link download: https://countmoxi.itch.io/getter-gra...bDOAtQWGz1c%3d

Link para a página do jogo: https://countmoxi.itch.io/getter-graffiti