Emulation fixes:

  • GB I/O: Fix incrementing SGB controller when P14 is low (fixes #2202)
  • GB Video: Render SGB border when unmasking with ATTR/PAL_SET (fixes #2261)
  • GBA SIO: Fix SI value for unattached MULTI mode
  • GBA Video: Fix backdrop color if DISPCNT is first set to 0 (fixes #2260)
  • GBA Video: Don’t iterate affine backgrounds when disabled
  • GBA Video: Delay enabling backgrounds in bitmap modes (fixes #1668)

Other fixes:

  • ARM Decoder: Fix decoding of lsl r0 (fixes #2349)
  • FFmpeg: Don’t attempt to use YUV 4:2:0 for lossless videos (fixes #2084)
  • GB Video: Fix memory leak when reseting SGB games
  • GBA: Fix out of bounds ROM accesses on patched ROMs smaller than 32 MiB
  • GBA: Fix maximum tile ID in caching for 256-color modes
  • GBA Video: Fix cache updating with proxy and GL renderers
  • Libretro: Fix crash when using Game Boy codes (fixes #2281)
  • mGUI: Fix crash if autosave file can’t be opened (fixes #2268)
  • Qt: Remove potentially deadlocking optimization
  • Qt: Fix corrupted savestate and fatal error text
  • Qt: Fix sprite compositing when sprite tiles go out of bounds (fixes #2348)


  • GBA I/O: Update KEYINPUT in internal I/O memory (fixes #2235)
  • SDL: Use SDL_JoystickRumble where available
  • Wii: Add adjustable gyroscope settings (closes #2245)