remove incorrect color profile from PNG icons (Nadia)
DLDI fixes for the Smash demo (Arisotura)
fix gaps in I/O handling (Arisotura)
fix invalid savemem commands, fixes Dementium (Arisotura)
FreeBIOS: add VRAM-compatible LZ77 decompress function, fixes Yoshi's Island (Arisotura)
default firmware: in DSi mode, emulate DWM-W015 wifi board instead of DWM-W024 (Arisotura)
default firmware: save WFC settings to separate file (Arisotura)
disable firmware overrides UI when firmware override isn't checked (Nadia)
2D: more accurate fade/blending (Arisotura)
DSi: add support for GXFIFO NDMA (Arisotura)
DSi: add mainRAM mirror at 0x0C000000 (Arisotura)
add 3DS 5:3 aspect ratio, refactor aspect ratio code (Nadia)
OpenGL: fix 16x resolution on macOS (Nadia)
fix triggers being recognized as negative analog stick values during mapping (Nadia)
fix joystick mapping buttons on macOS (Nadia)
DSi: preliminary implementation of SNDEXCNT (Generic)
DSi: fix SD inserted/removed IRQ bits (Generic)
DSi: implement 8/16bit access to AES registers (Generic)
DSi: fix SCFG_MC cart-inserted bit (Generic)
JIT: invalidate blocks in ARM7 VRAM/WRAM when it is remapped (Generic)
fix ROM banner reading when the ROM has no banner (Rayyan, Arisotura)
fix UTF16 ROM title handling in the ROM info dialog (Rayyan)
wifi: improvements to wifi emulation (Arisotura)
wifi: shared-memory based sync/comm mechanism for local wifi (Arisotura)
proper support for multiple melonDS instances for multiplayer (Arisotura)
DSi: actual, proper camera support (Arisotura)
DSi: fix DSP enough that it will actually work (Arisotura)
fix OpenGL context handling (Stenzek, Generic, Nadia)
force-align all memory accesses (instead of just CPU memory accesses) (Arisotura)
better CLI parameter handling (patataofcourse)
fix bugs in DSi direct boot (Arisotura)