What is Lemonade?

Lemonade is an open source and experimental emulator that emulates the functionality of a Nintendo 3ds system on operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Android.

When was Lemonade started?

Lemonade was started after the base, a previous Nintendo 3ds emulator, was discontinued. The Lemonade Project was created to continue the work of base, fixing its issues and improving its performance and compatibility.

Who develops Lemonade?

The Lemonade Project is currently developed by Gamer64ytb.
The Lemonade team also has a few contributors who help with the development of the emulator.

How can I contribute to Lemonade?

As an open source project, the Lemonade team greatly encourages contributions of any kind. If you'd like to contribute, join the Discord.

Is Lemonade released yet?

Lemonade is currently in development and already realesed in Lemonade github page.