About this fork:

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This fork is just Citra with tweaks/additions which should result in better performance than the original Citra

Feel free to download this build and test it, if you run into any bugs please open an issue on GitHub or contact me on the Discord server / Telegram group

Pull requests are welcome, and they usually will be accepted as long as it works properly and doesn't break the GPL.

Citra Enhanced 1.1.0 Latest

Android: Revert speed limit to 200
Android: Fix some rotation screen casual crashes (GPUCode)
PC: Add some games to compatibility list
PC & Android: Migrate from Microprofile to Tracy (GPUCode), this should free up RAM usage as well
PC: QT UI Redesign (kleidis)
Android & PC: Improve stream buffer performance and allocation
Android: Fix some memory leaks from Oboe audio backend (Ishan09811)
Android: Change app ID (this version will be installed as a new APK)
Android: Implement GameAboutDialog (Ishan09811), now you have a new UI when you long-press any game.
Android & PC: Fix Priority Boost issues with cutscenes
Android & PC: Improve ValidateByReinterpretation logic, may fix stuff
PC: Restore web tab (rtiangha), now you can enable discord rich presence
Android & PC: Optimize AreQuaternionsOpposite, fixes batman, isaac and probably more games, and probably better performance for some games
Android & PC: Enable Priority Boost by default, due to cutscenes fixed now
PC: Implement Mica (kleidis)
PC: Add support for favorites, desktop shortcuts, and play time tracking (FearlessTobi) + some improvements from OpenSauce04 and rtiangha
Android & PC: Implement Upscaling Hack, may fix ghosting issues on some games
Android & PC: Implement real-time audio option, say goodbye to audio lag if game runs under 100% speed!
Android: Translate some texts to Spanish
Android & PC: Fix some performance issues for Street Fighter 4 and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Android & PC: Other minor improvements & cleanups