Linux: Downgraded minimum glibc version from 2.38 to 2.36
This fixes a regression introduced in 2110 where certain Linux distros, such as the Steam Deck's SteamOS, were unable to launch Lime3DS via AppImage due to the glibc version being too recent
Android: Updated internal resolution selection interface to more closely match the desktop equivalent
The setting is now configured using a dropdown menu instead of a slider
Alongside the multiplier, the resulting resolution is now also displayed
Updated log filenames
citra_log.txt --> lime3ds_log.txt
citra_log.txt.old.txt --> lime3ds_log.old.txt


It is recommended to delete the old citra_log.XXX files to avoid accidentally sending them instead of the newer files when filing bug reports
We are currently looking for maintainers to help with reviewing PRs and investigating issues
Must have prior experience contributing to open source projects and familiarity with C++
Bonus points if you contributed to Citra
Inquire at our Discord server if you are interested in helping out