Mainly a bug-fix release.


Snes9x 1.63
- Added a shortcut to change the backdrop color for sprite extraction.
- Fixed QuickSave 0-9 slot shortcuts not working.
- Allow "Address:byte" form for cheat inputs.
- Fixed ZIP files not being closed after patch search.
- Various memmap fixes to allow unofficial mappings.
- Added usage of ImGui to draw things on top of the screen instead of inside.

- Fixed AVI not recording audio.
- Fixed framerate throttling in turbo mode (now works during AVI recording).
- Fixed interlaced output speed being double.
- Fixed command line arguments not working.
- Fixed WaveOut device name display for names longer than 31 characters.
- Fixed Bank+/- hotkey saving.
- Added hotkeys for aspect ratio, cheat edit/search.
- Added multiselect for cheat edit dialog.

- Fixed config file location to never put files directly in $HOME and obey
- Updated translations from JakeSmarter and StanleyKid-22.

- Added a new cheat finder.
- Added MultiCart support back.
- Create a blank window when starting the program, so the global menu change
doesn't go unnoticed.